6 Ways to Make Your Business Card Your Best Marketing Tool

One of offline marketing tools, Business Card plays its certain role charmingly and efficiently in attracting people to your business. However, unfortunately, a lot of people doesn’t see it that way, which is a pity. Incredibly, these looking-like-nothing cards actually could hold essential powers in your business development if you handled it correctly. We always saw these business cards given out to people but does it really gave the impact that you aimed for? Does it really gave positive impression to your potential customers? Thus, it is important to utilize your business card in a right way. Wake up and make some needed changes in a way you handled your business card.

Written below is some ways to make sure your business gave the impact you aimed for, not just to be stored forever in wallet or being threw away in bins:

1) Be creative with the card

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Be different. Think out of the box. Be creative. The business card can be more than just the boring usual white card. Make it more personal to you. Imagine it in another form like sticker, bookmark, note card, post card and so on, which make it more multitasking. The creativeness of it should be able to compel potential customer to look at it twice. Make it the center of attention in the conversation before efficiently gave it to the aimed person.

2) Keep track on the card

Ever think of where does your card going? Or whether it does lure them into your business as you wished for? In the modern day, occupied with a lot of technologies, it is not a waste to invest your money in QR code or even SKU code where it can be useful to be put on your business card. Another way to know the effectiveness of your card in attracting new customers is the rate of their visit to your company website, hence, incentives such as coupons or discounts can be one of attraction factors. This way, you would know if your business card has been handled in a right way.

3) Keep it interesting

Why do ordinary acts when you can choose to do interesting things about your card? This is not about the design of the card only but also it’s content. Make people intrigued with the card. Funny and trivia sentences or figures on the card definitely would make people curious about it. Do things like inspirational quotes keep you and your customers motivated. As a result, they would engage you in a conversation to know more about your business. Nonetheless, this could be a start for something better for your business.

4) Proved credibility

Nobody want to involve with something that is not good for them. This is why proved credibility is important. Most business use testimonials; consists of statement that testify the credibility of your company. Good testimonials unavoidably and positively bring in customers. So, this is where a good reputation from satisfied customers come in. New potential customer depends on optimistic view of other customers on the business before involved in the business. Use the blank space on the card to add brief testimonials in form of quote or the link to the quote rather than just let the blank space staring up to your face. In this way, you can prevent the card from appearing too bland.

5) Be supportive in good causes

There are a lot of charity has been and currently done for various social impacts. They could be a blessing in a disguise for your business. Business and social cause has been in close association for some time. Be in social causes could make people see what kind of person are you and they can understand you better personally and professionally. With the help of business card, it could be the start of further business arrangement. Plus, not only it is good for business, but you also are helping people in need. Noble act goes a long way.

6) Name come with the face

Business card usually only consists of name, phone number, company’s name and email address. While the information highly important and essential, in some situation, it might not memorable enough for customers. Hence, something that could make the name are more memorable is the face. That is why photo is essential to be put on your business card. People are proved to be capable in memorizing name better when it came with the face. It will make your brand of company is highly commit to their memory and you, yourself would stand out compare to other competitors.

BONUS! Unforgettable card exchange

Some people might think giving card normally would help. However, it is still worth it to put some effort during exchange. Make some conversation and have interest in your possible future customers in appropriate ways without being rude. Telling them firsthand about your possible follow up after that. It also doesn’t hurt to remind and bolster them up again about your business objectives.